DTF (Direct to Film) Equipment

Direct to Film - Printers - Ovens - Shaker / Ovens

Once you purchase a NEXUS DTF we provide assistance with
1. Assembly and Installation.
2. Software download and setup.
3. Initial Printing settings.
4. Access to private AFTERSALE's Chat with our technicians to troubleshoot any future issues.
5. A Facebook group of other NEXUS DTF members to share tips and tricks to elevate your DTF skills to the highest level.
6. A Free 60 Day subscription to our (DTF with NEXUS) workshops where we teach you everything there is to know about DTF and Printing with DTF.
7. A one stop shop for all your DTF printing supplies. Run prints with our NEXUS DTF Ink, Transfer Film and Powder to ensure excellent quality and Compatibility.